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Proactol XS

Originally known as just Proactol Plus, Proactol XS has been recently upgraded and handed the “XS” moniker. The xs moniker is not just for the sake of it. Instead, it has come along, after the manufacturer managed to include a new ingredient that its predecessor lacked, an ingredient that strengthens its fat binding capability even more.

How Does It Work?
So, what’s so special about fat binding? How is it exactly related to weight loss? Well, fat binding is actually a process whereby a large amount of dietary fat consumed by a person is simply not stored inside the body. With the help of Proactol XS, around 27.4% of dietary fat consumed is not stored. Hence, the fat that is not stored translates to 274 calories off from a 1000 calorie diet. In essence, this is made possible through the use of soluble and non-soluble fibers that are found in chitosan.

  • Fat Binder
  • Appetite Suppressant

Achieving this kind of a result with exercise can demand a lot of dedication and Proactol XS manages to delight customers by delivering it with a single dosage.

Another added bonus of the fat binding process by Proactol XS is that it is completely natural. For instance, while metabolic system boosters often make individuals experience side effects, Proactol XS lets dieters avail the same kind of benefits while ensuring that side effects are never heard of. Lastly, Proactol XS also works as an appetite suppressant. Thus, with all these features combined, the product comes as one of the most effective fat binding diet pills on sale today.

Chitosan & Soluble fibre
Chitosan that gives Proactol XS its main ingredient has soluble fibers too that aid in weight loss. It helps suppress someone’s appetite by slowing down the absorption of fats and sugar during digestion. The overall impact is to make a person feel full for a longer period and hence reducing appetite for a considerable amount of time. Longer spacing of eating times facilitated by proactol helps in the person controlling weight.



These natural substances from the cactus plant help someone to lose and control weight, while the other ingredients help in the making of Proactol XS into a stable tablet that can be stored safely for a long time. Those substances include microcrystalline cellulose, a substance that the tablet is stable and remains potent throughout (an excipient in the language of pharmaceuticals); Silica, a substance that absorbs moisture naturally thus keeping the active ingredient dry and safe; Calcium hydrogen phosphate dehydrate, which is a natural food additive; and Magnesium stearate, the compound that acts as the natural lubricant and binder.

Main Ingredients used to create Proactol XS

  1. Chitosan 500mg – This ingredient creates a thick gel substance that coats the fats within your stomach, it is then digested and passes through your system naturally, avoiding being absorbed and stored within your body as fat!

How safe if Proactol XS?
Clinical tests have shown that Proactol XS is safe to use, which is not surprising considering it is made from a natural product.

  • But! you may suffer from constipation, we have put this down to the way it successfully binds fat in your stomach!

We have not had any readers or ourselves suffer from these symptoms as of yet, but will update this review if we do.

Pricing and Packaging
As far as pricing of the product is concerned, there are a variety of packages available that consumers can opt for. For starters, there is the 1 month budget pack which costs £24.95. There is also a 2 month, 3 month, and 5 month pack as well available with varying quantities. Moreover, as Proactol XS is competitively priced and delivers high quality results, customers have on their hand a product which is deemed to delight them.

Why Try Proactol Plus?

  1. Stops you craving unhealthy snacks
  2. suitable for vegetarians
  3. Binds up to 27% fat
  4. Averaging 4lbs a week weight loss
  5. 60 Day Money back offer if it does not live up to expectations
  6. Voted the number 1 fat binder for 2014
  7. Clinically proven and tested fat binder

Can one test Proactol XS first?
The manufacturers of Proactol XS are giving a 60 day guarantee. So if you buy Proactol XS and the results do not match what they have said, you get your full refund.

It is important for someone to buy a credible product and avoid buying synthetic products that flood the market, that would probably give a person negative side effects. There are many products that are sold in different outlets and do not live up to the customers’ expectations. Instead of losing money experimenting on products whose security is unknown, it may be a good idea to buy one that has been tested and one that medical doctors have put their names against in recommendation.

Below is what a user of Proactol XS had to say about it in 2014

“Proactol XS, My waist it back to my earlier age, Iam 52 and have been using proactol XS for 5 months and now feel much more confident and excited about what i do….. Thankyou ;)”

Where can someone buy Proactol XS?
People who want Proactol xs can order it online from the Proactol website. The manufacturers of Proactol want to ensure that their customers do not get cheated by unscrupulous people selling fake products in the name of Proactol XS. Orders above 2 months dosage get free shipping.

Our Final Verdict
Rounding it all off, Proactol XS is one of the best rated fat binder that is on sale today with respect to its price and customer feedback. The immensely powerful fat binding feature can help even the most troubled dieter lose a significant amount of weight in no time at all. Moreover, by adding a few ingredients which work as an appetite suppressant, manufacturers of the product have ensured that users experience a successful weight loss journey.

Proactol XS Official Supplier
Fat Binder & Appetite Suppressant
  • Clinically Proven and effective
  • 30 – Day Money Back Guarantee
  • No Amazon or eBay Counterfeits
  • World wide delivery

6 responses to “Proactol XS Review – Fat Binder”

  1. dieter no1 says:

    I tried Proactol plus but got really bad stomach cramps after about two weeks of using it. I have a condition with my bowls and wondered if anyone has had the same feelings? I have started with phen375 and waiting for it to be delivered. Is there an ingredient you can think of so i do not make the same mistake again. Help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Lydia says:

    Hey Dieter no1, i have never heard of this happening before, i will email there support site and get a response for you. But could you tell me what your condition is? you can use the contact form above the post if you like. Then i can get a better detailed response, but i have not ever heard of these effects.


  3. Lesley says:

    Great fat binder I have tried this supplement before, when it was just proactol. Could you explain the plus please and what extra ingredients it has?

    Also Is there a discount code for proactol plus i can use when i make a purchase?


  4. pearl says:

    I think a fat binder would be the best option for me as i do not want to stop eating as it causes me migraines, Would you recommend a diet plan or fitness routine with this? Thank for a great write up…

  5. bruce miggins says:

    I used proactol back in 2010 but had no joy with it, can this new and improved formula help significantly more than the older proactol version?

  6. Mr zaneth says:

    As a fat binder i can not see how this is also an appetite suppressant, is there any info to back this up guys? I really want to suppress my appetite at the same time as binding fat. I think this is a great pill but lacks information, there website seems a little amateur also.

    Is it safe for long term use?