Plexus Slim Reviews – Side Effects, Ingredients, Cost


What is Plexus Slim?

Plexus Slim is one of the hottest new products on the weight loss market. What started out as a small company now brings in about $300 million a year. Plexus claims to offer users a wealth of health benefits. Following is a list of some of the benefits Plexus Slim purports to offer:

  • Weight loss
  • Waist slimming
  • Blood sugar control
  • Blood pressure control
  • Cholesterol and lipid control
  • Increased energy
  • Pain management

Many people who have used Plexus Slim praise it for helping them to meet their weight loss goals and improve their overall health. Plexus Slim also has many ambassadors who promote its healing properties and encourage others to take it. This broad-based support and the almost unbelievable claims to health improvement make Plexus Slim appear to be an almost miraculous addition to the weight loss market.

However, despite its grand claims and the testimonials of some of their customers, there are a number of issues that make this product a less than ideal dieting choice. While Plexus and its ambassadors may not acknowledge these issues, they provide a different side to this product that you should consider before you try Plexus Slim. Following is a look at these issues and how they might impact your decision regarding whether or not to use Plexus yourself.

Lack of Clinical Studies

Companies can claim whatever they like about their food, medical, or diet products. Responsible shopping requires you to confirm that these claims are true before you commit your money and loyalty to these products. As a consumer, there are two ways for you to test the validity of these claims. First, you should check to see if there are any scientific studies that back up their claims. If a product has performed well in clinical studies, you can feel more confident that it is actually a safe and reliable product.

Despite its own bold claims to weight loss, blood sugar control, and health improvement, Plexus Slim lacks any clinical research to back up these claims. For instance, Plexus Slim is not listed in any of the databases of medical research. In addition, Plexus itself provides no information regarding any scientific studies backing up its effectiveness.

While Plexus Slim testimonials from customers who have lost weight and improved their health while taking Plexus Slim, there is no clinical or scientific evidence to support these testimonials. As a result, it is impossible to know whether these positive effects have been produced by Plexus, occur for most users, or occur without long-term health consequences. Faced with this lack of clinical or scientific information, you might be wise to approach Plexus Slim with a degree of skepticism.

Lack of Scientific Support for Plexus Slim Ingredients

Another way to check the effectiveness of Plexus Slim is to check the usefulness of its individual ingredients. If those ingredients have proven themselves to be effective, than it is likely that Plexus Slim is effective. If they have performed poorly in studies, Plexus Slim is also likely to perform poorly.

The three active Plexus Slim ingredients are garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract, and alpha lipoic acid. There are a number of scientific studies that have examined the impact these ingredients have on users’ health. These studies have two main problems in common: They do not agree on the effectiveness of each of these three active Plexus Slim ingredients, and there are not very many of them. Following is an overview of the evidence behind each Plexus Slim ingredient.

First, garcinia cambogia was the subject of a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association. This study found that garcinia cambogio performs little better than a placebo in scientific studies. This means that its presence in Plexus Slim is unlikely to make a difference in your health.

Second, green coffee bean extract has been the subject of a few scientific studies. Those studies found that this product can stimulate weight loss. However, these studies are tainted by the retraction of one of them and by the fact that the others were paid for by industries with a vested interest in the success of the extract. This means that these studies are not entirely reliable.

Finally, alpha lipoic acid has been shown in some studies to work at levels of about 1800 mg a day. However, there is less than 530 mg of this acid in a serving of Plexus Slim. As a result, you are not likely to get a beneficial amount of the acid by taking Plexus Slim alone.

As a result, it appears that while there is some scientific support for the active ingredients in Plexus Slim, it is far from overwhelming. Combined with the lack of clinical studies, it appears that Plexus Slim cannot be fully supported through scientific evidence alone.

Possible Plexus Slim Side Effects

Plexus Slim claims to have no side effects because it is an all natural product. If this were true, then that would be a strong recommendation for Plexus Slim, especially when compared to other diet products that can create side effects (such as jitters). However, Plexus Slim reviews indicate that there may be side effects to the product.

For instance, one of the Plexus Slim reviews indicates that the reviewer’s blood pressure went up while she was using Plexus Slim. Others report suffering headaches, diarrhea, and gas. One reviewer even experienced swelling and aches in the legs. Clearly, regardless of the Plexus’ claims, the product does create at least some negative side effects in some users. These side effects have at times been uncomfortable enough to convince the user to stop taking Plexus Slim.

In addition to these relatively minor side effects, there are indications that some of the Plexus Slim ingredients can cause more severe problems. For instance, Citrin K has some links to liver problems. Chromium has some links to kidney problems. Alpha lipoic acid has some links to thyroid problems. This means that some possible Plexus Slim dangers include the possibility that Plexus Slim could cause thyroid, liver, or kidney problems.

Negative Plexus Slim Reviews

If you wonder does Plexus Slim really work, you may want to consult the customer reviews. The answer to “Does Plexus Slim work?” depends largely upon the person you ask. As mentioned earlier, there are many reviews that support Plexus’ claim to safe and effective enhancement of your health. The brand’s many ambassadors will also tell you that this product has made great changes to their health.

However, there are plenty of other reviews that show that Plexus Slim does not work. For instance, some Plexus Slim reviews indicate that the user did not experience any significant changes to their weight, waist size, or overall health. Others find that even after using the product for months, they were no closer to their health goals than before. These reviews show that Plexus is far from a silver bullet for weight loss. Instead, while it may work for some, it does not work for everyone. That is why, before taking Plexus Slim, you should think carefully about whether the investment will be worth the risk of it failing for you.

High Price

The Plexus Slim cost is another indication that this product might not be the best choice for consumers looking to lose weight. The monthly cost for Plexus Slim can be more than $100. While it is hard to put a price on good health, this cost is more than many reviewers can handle. In fact, a complaint about the price is included on almost every negative Plexus Slim review. For some customers, the high price was enough to make them stop taking Plexus Slim. This means that for many people, the Plexus Slim cost is hard to manage, especially on a tight budget. It also indicates that customers are not getting enough benefits from Plexus Slim to make the cost worth it.

When faced with the high cost of Plexus Slim, you would be wise to think carefully about whether the benefits are worth it. When combined with the other negative aspects of Plexus Slim, the high cost may be not only hard to manage on your budget, but also too much to charge for a product that may not work and that may cause further health problems.

Plexus Slim makes many amazing claims. It promises to improve your weight, body shape, and overall health. Many ambassadors and happy customers agree that it can help you look and feel better. Yet, underneath this positivity are some issues that are difficult to ignore. A lack of clinical studies and convincing scientific studies, the possibility for negative (and potentially serious) side effects, negative customer testimonials, and a high price all make it look as if Plexus Slim might not be the miracle diet supplement it claims to be. As a result, before using Plexus Slim, think carefully through all of the issues and consult your doctor to avoid taking a diet supplement that might not work for you.