PhenQ Review – Best Appetite Suppressant Pill

phenq-bottleWhen you’re on the market for a weight loss supplement, it’s only natural to be a little sceptical—especially with the many supplements available and the lofty claims made by some of them. PhenQ is one of those supplements that can’t help but make you wonder if it’s too good to be true, especially given all the PhenQ reviews filled with claims like “shocking results” and “melts away pounds”. Does PhenQ work and actually live up to all the hype? Judging by the list of PhenQ ingredients and the many PhenQ before and after pictures available, it seems so.

What Is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a slimming product specially formulated using a unique combination of natural ingredients known for being effective in weight loss. It is produced in United States and United Kingdom in GMP and FDA approved facilities, so you can be confident in the quality of the product.

What makes PhenQ ingredients special, aside from combining several effective ingredients in one supplement, is a secret ingredient that’s scientifically proven. This trademarked formula is called α-Lacys Reset®. It works to speed up your metabolism, turning up your body’s thermogenesis so that you burn fat faster, including that stored fat on your hips, thighs or belly that you’re desperate to shift.

PhenQ has the ingredients needed to give you better results than other slimming products because unlike most other supplements, it doesn’t just target one aspect of weight loss. PhenQ ingredients help you:

  • Burn fat faster by increasing your body’s metabolism and internal furnace
  • Suppress your appetite so that you eat considerably fewer calories without feeling hungry
  • Block fat production so that you don’t gain weight

Another benefit of PhenQ is its ability to naturally improve your mood and increase your energy levels. This is an especially important benefit for emotional eaters who tend to overeat when stressed or feeling down. And those with busy lifestyles who often find themselves too tired to exercise will definitely appreciate the extra energy they get from this innovative slimming product!

Just about any PhenQ review you come across attests to its ability to make you feel great while helping you lose weight and understandably so as feeling run down can sabotage even the best efforts in weight loss.

PhenQ Ingredients – The Breakdown

The following is a breakdown of the ingredients in PhenQ and exactly how each works to help you slim down faster than with any other slimming product:

Calcium Carbonate – A recent study that took place over 6 months found that obese adults who supplemented their diets with calcium lost more body weight and fat. This is because calcium causes your cells to feel nourished so they no longer need to store fat and instead your body burns your stored fat.

Capsimax powder – Capsimax powder is a blend of caffeine, capsicum (hot pepper), piperine (black pepper), and niacin (vitamin B3). Capsicum and piperine both been found to have thermogenic properties that turn up your body heat and help you burn more fat while halting the formation of new fat cells. The results of studies on capsicum are impressive, with one study in particular suggesting that it can produce significant levels of weight loss.

Chromium Picolinate – This essential mineral was found in a study by Cornell University to curb appetite and lessen carb cravings in people suffering from depression. It does this controlling your blood sugar levels, which in turns cuts down your cravings for sweets and carbs so that weight loss is easier.

Caffeine – Caffeine is a popular ingredient in slimming products for good reason: it works! It increases your energy, suppresses your appetite and boosts your body’s ability to burn fat. All of these things together help you get more out of your workouts while also helping you stay alert and less hungry.

L-Carnitine Fumarate – This amino acid is found in foods, mainly red meats, greens, and nuts. It works wonders in weight loss by helping your body turn its stored fat into energy so that you feel less fatigued while you burn fat and lose weight.

Nopal – Derived from the nopal cactus, this ingredient is high in fibre and helps fill you up so you’re not hungry. It’s rich in amino acids which work to help increase your energy levels. Nopal also works as a natural diuretic to combat fluid retention and lose more weight.

And of course, the most important of all the PhenQ ingredients is α-Lacys Reset®, which is scientifically proven to help you lose weight quickly and efficiently. It is this ingredient that truly sets PhenQ above over slimming products for superior fat-burning and impressive results.

PhenQ Side Effects

Along with wanting to know does PhenQ work, most people also want to know about side effects before choosing a slimming product. Fortunately, as far as any PhenQ side effects go, there have been no adverse effects reported.

This is not to say that it’s safe for everyone though; women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and people under 18 should not take this product. And if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or take prescription medications then you shouldn’t take PhenQ or any other supplement without first consulting your doctor.

It’s also worth mentioning that you should take it as directed and avoid taking it after 3PM so that it doesn’t interfere with your sleep. If you’re especially sensitive to the effects of caffeine, you should also cut back on coffee and other caffeinated beverages while taking it.

PhenQ Review

As you can see from the ingredients and how they work together to help you lose weight from every angle, it’s easy to see why every PhenQ review seems to be a positive one. It covers all the bases as far as weight loss goes by increasing your energy, suppressing your appetite, and helping you burn fat quickly while also blocking the production of new fat cells. This is impressive to say the least!

Just like other slimming products, many of the PhenQ reviews focus on how effective it is in helping you shed pounds. Here are just a couple of reviews:

Of course being able to help you lose weight is exactly what you want a product to do, but it needs to be said that the quality of the ingredients; the fact that they’re from the U.S. and the U.K.; and the scientific testing that has gone into creating this safe and effective product is just as important for your health and your peace of mind. When taking any supplement, it’s reassuring to know that it’s been created from safe and natural ingredients and in FDA approved facilities. You couldn’t ask for more in a weight loss aid.

Buying PhenQ, Discounts & Deals

Having reviewed PhenQ, we think it’s a good quality product with ingredients that can genuinely help you to lose weight. If you’re thinking about purchasing, you probably still have some questions left – where can you buy PhenQ and how can you be sure you’re getting the best deal?

The best price you’ll find for PhenQ is through it’s official website. One bottle will cost you $69.95 and each bottle contains 60 pills, a whole 30 day supply. But because it’s the official site they can also afford to offer discounts. When you buy a 2 month supply, they give you another month free, and the best value package gets you 2 free bottles plus a free cleansing tea. Shipping is also free anywhere in the world, so no extra costs to pay.

Buying from the official site also makes sure that you are getting the genuine product – there are many similar sounding products available so it’s easy to get confused and with any successful weight loss pill there are often counterfeit products available too – you don’t want to risk your money or your health.

And what’s more, you also get peace of mind, as all purchases from the PhenQ site come with a 60 day money back guarantee.