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Fen Burn

  • Fenburn – Diet Pill
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  • On July 2, 2014
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Review Summary:

Fenburn is a fat burner and appetite suppressant that offers a new formula made entirely of natural ingredients.

FenBurn is one of the many modern day diet pills that have hit the weight loss market since 2013. But what truly makes this product stand out from the rest is the fact that it has been clinically proven as a fat burner! and having a totally natural and safe list of ingredients and also received tremendous exposure in 2013 and 2014, Fenburn has been titled as a fat burner as it boosts the body’s metabolic capabilities and helps individuals lose weight at a remarkably fast pace but it complements this with the ability to suppress your appetite.

Fenburn stands out from the other weight loss pills because of its natural ingredients, minimum side effects and excellent customer reviews and test cases we have received. Detailed in this review of Fenburn you will find ingredients, success rates, customer reviews, how it works and discounts available.


A highly potent fat burner, FenBurn also helps individuals lose weight by suppressing the appetite. The core ingredients that make FenBurn an effective diet pill are listed below:

What Are The Main Ingredients?

A natural weight loss supplement, FenBurn uses only hundred percent natural ingredients. Moreover, all of the ingredients in FenBurn are extracted from plants and herbs. The main ingredients along with their functions are summarized below.

  1. Bitter Orange Extract: Bitter Orange Extract is known to speed up the breakdown of fat in the body. In turn, this action causes an increase in the metabolism rate. Moreover, Bitter Orange Extract also works as an appetite suppressant and as a safe replacement of ephedra.
  2. Green Tea Extract: Used in almost all weight loss supplements, Green Tea is well known for its natural metabolism stimulating ability and thermogenic effects.
  3. Oolong Tea: Another ingredient that is derived from tea, Oolong tea increases the metabolism, burns fat, and inhibits the absorption of dietary fat to induce weight loss.
  4. Capsaicin: Derived from chili pepper, Capsaicin enhances the metabolism rate and boosts thermogenesis. Furthermore, Capsaicin also reduces the levels of the hunger hormone called ghrelin.
  5. Caffeine: Another commonly used ingredient in diet pills, Caffeine is known for its ability to work as an appetite suppressant and boost the energy levels in the body.
  6. L – Tyrosine: L-Tyrosine boosts the production of neurohormones, such as epinephrine and norepinephrine, which results in thermogenesis and increased fat burn. The ingredient also helps enhance mood and relieve stress.
  7. B Vitamin Complex: A deficiency in vitamin B results in the failure of the metabolism to perform properly. Hence, FenBurn also makes use of Vitamin B to ensure that the metabolism of the user performs at its optimum level.
  8. Bioperine: assists in increasing the absorption of other ingredients in FenBurn to deliver unprecedented weight loss results.

Are There Any Side Effects?

FenBurn is known to have caused zero detrimental side effects. However, as a note of caution, those intolerant to caffeine should refer to a doctor before using FenBurn as the use of caffeine may lead to an allergic reaction. Thus, if you are looking for an effective weight loss supplement that is safe to use and effective at the same time, FenBurn is precisely what you need.

Hence, FenBurn is claimed to work effectively because all of its ingredients have been clinically tested and proven to burn fat and increase a persons weight loss by reducing there appetite at the same time!

Does It Work?

FenBurn cannot make individuals burn fat and reach their ideal weight by itself alone. While FenBurn is an immensely capable fat burner, it is a product that brings results if a good amount of hard work is put in by the end user. Thus, it would not be wise to consume unhealthy foods and neglect physical activity when making use of FenBurn.

Pros of Fenburn

  1. Complete diet pill including: Fat Burning, Increased Metabolism and Appetite suppressing ability.
  2. Clinically Proven: All ingredients have been clinically tested and proven to produce results and greatly increase its weight loss ability.
  3. Fat Burner: Most powerful fat burner on the market making it easier to lose weight fast and effective.
  4. Money Back Promise: You get a full within 30 days of ordering your pills

The product requires you to control your diet and exercise like any other diet pill. Moreover, regardless of what many would have you believe, even other top rated diet pills are reliant on the users dieting and exercising to achieving even better results, the better the diet pill performs.

Side effects reported for Fenburn

We have received no adverse side effects concerning Fenburn, but will update this review to reflect any report we receive.

Is It Worth Buying?

FenBurn makes losing weight a simple process altogether. While many diet pills require users to follow strict dieting and exercising regimes, this particular diet pill is a complete solution that leaves no loopholes of any sort. Moreover, the well balanced ingredients in FenBurn ensure that the product is completely side effect free. Summing it all up, FenBurn is indeed one of the best diet pills on sale today.

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