Top 5 Best YouTube Workout Channels

Below is my list of the best YouTube workout channels out there on the internet. All of these channels I have linked have one goal and that is to make you a better you through fitness! These channels have the best workout videos on YouTube that I have ever seen and they will get you fit in no time! The best thing about these channels is you don’t need any equipment and you can do all of this right in the comfort of your own home! So take a look at my list and become a better you! You won’t be sorry!

1. Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender was designed by a husband and wife team who love to work out and better people’s lives through fitness. Daniel and Kelli’s number one priority is sharing their unbiased completely original workouts and keeping their viewers healthy through their nutritional expertise. They have over 500 free best YouTube workout videos for people to watch and workout with. They make a new video every week with new workouts and they are always full length videos. If you’re looking for a personal training they you don’t need to spend any money on then check them out!

This is a great butt and thigh workout to strength all of your muscles in this region. This workout uses 24 different exercises to keep those muscles tone and tightened and trust me you will be feeling it tomorrow! She does a few reps of each workout and she talks to you; walking you through each workout.

Another best YouTube workout video they have that I love is their cardio videos. In this video she takes you on a beginner level of cardio and it’s so nice because you can take things at your own pace. You can choose the level of intensity that you want in this video and you can always modify some of the exercises. This is a nice long 40 minute workout video with a warm up and cool down! Check it out!

2. BeFit

Befit is a high quality workout channel on YouTube with amazing workouts on it. You get a ton of different type of workouts here like cardio, yoga, Zumba, HITT, and many more. They also have videos with top fitness trainers such as Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, and Jane Fonda. These are the best workout videos to tone and tighten your whole body right in your living room!

This video is one of their most popular videos they have on YouTube. It’s a 30 day program by Jillian Michaels and it is a great video. It literally kicks your butt into shape. I love doing this program again and again top get a great workout and just to have fun. This video will burn fat with a fast interval training system! Check it out!

I love this YouTube workout channel because it has amazing yoga workouts! This is beginner’s yoga and it is based on strength building. This was created to practice strength not only in your body but in your mind. This workout will get you energized and excited to continue their other yoga videos. This video will consist of a warmup, workout, and cool down. Have fun doing yoga with BeFit.

3. Popsugar Fitness

Popsugar fitness is an innovative YouTube workout channel always trying new fun workout videos. They like to keep things fresh and interesting for us. They are bringing us on the road to healthy living and a healthy lifestyle through amazing workouts, healthy recipes and stress relieving techniques.

I love this YouTube workout video because Adam Rosante and NYC trainer is showing us this amazing boot camp workout to kick our butts and making us sweat up a storm. They is no equipment in this workout because every move Adam shows us is a full body exercise. This will leave our muscles aching the next morning but you will be so happy once you see that tone! This 30 minute workout is amazing to do anywhere so check it out!

This is one of popsugars innovative workouts I was telling you about. How cool is this workout? You get to practice workouts that might make you have a better time in bed! If this improves your sex life just wait until you and your partner both do this work out! They also have dr. stork from the doctors there giving you tips for your overall health while doing these workouts! Check out this workout and their many others to get in shape today!

4. Blogilates:

Blogilates is also a fun and innovative way to work out! Cassey ho is the creator of pop Pilates. What that is; is a platies workout that you do while listening to pop music. She has a bunch of different videos to different songs. She has boot camp style videos to how to have a sexy body at the beach workouts! Pop Pilates is now used in all gyms all over the world as the best form of Pilates!

This video is my all-time favorite video that she has on her channel! I love when she plays songs and gives us this super fun workouts to do to go along with the music. This is a great squat and plie challenge to the music. She motivates you while doing her work out by telling you; “you can do it! Give me one more!” Check her videos out because she is seriously the best.

Another YouTube workout video that she has that is truly amazing is her 1000 abs challenge! I have done this video many times and I love the results I get from this video. You are doing a 1000 reps of the best ab flatting workout out there. This will help with strengthing your core and flattening those abs. this is truly a great workout that will help you get in shape in time for summer.

5. Tone It Up:

Tone It Up is a YouTube channel made by these two girls who are best friends that love to workout and have a healthy lifestyle. They do a lot of different type of workout videos and their upbeat energy keeps people coming back for more. They do challenges for their fans to follow and they always have something new up their sleeve for us!

This YouTube workout video is great because HITT videos always kick your butt into gear the best! Their HITT video is great because it is a full body workout that gets all your muscles burning at once. This video will have your metabolism going hard and you will feel the calories burning. This video has a warm up and cool down for you as well so you get a complete workout! Check these ladies out!

This YouTube workout video is great to help you learn new equipment and new kinds of exercises. This videos incorporates fun workouts with everyday things around your house. She does an amazing exercise in this program to do with your love handles and boy does it just tone them right up. This video will help you tone up your arms and sides by using her methods with the kettlebell. Check out more of the Tone It Up Videos!